About Holy Broman

Welcome Capsuleer and Bromans alike. Here you will find a brief history and run down of our aims and values.

Who are we? A like minded group of players who have joined forces to dominate and take control of the space we call home. Brohemia/End of Thrones was formed at the end of a broken promise  and out of the incompetence  of our former alliance, when we stood they fled, they would run away whilst we bled.

Until enough was enough and we came together, the foundations were laid and a new force was born unto eve. Now we more resemble a small empire than a corporation and using the drive and focus that have been at our side we will not fail in our goals.

What it means to be a Holy Broman

Being a Broman is different from a lot of other low sec corps. This is due in part our demographic and the way we handle day to day life in the corp. A true Broman is ready at all times to fight whilst knowing no fear, when the battle lines fall apart it is the Bromans that stand behind to cover the retreat, when we arrive in your system we will take what we want as our right as Bromans and whatever your rank we are all the same.

We are looking to build a solid low sec base and bring willing and able players into the fold so that we might build our own empire and in the small amount of time that we have been in operations we have began to take great strides towards this goal and every day our strength doubles

A true Broman is no war hero, or a max level titan pilot. A true Broman is every Capsuleer who wants to see eve become a better place for all and is willing fight for that better world.

This will be a world built by you, a world forged by the Holy Broman Empire!


This is our main corporation and the seat of power for our small empire. Its pilots are advanced players with a wealth of knowledge. The current president in office is Galian Kile. Under his clear leadership and the support of the Thrones council End of Thrones has seen its sphere of influence double! 

Whether it be material or financial power Thrones should not be underestimated!


The current president in office is Legion Masser

Whether it be material or financial power Brohemia should not be underestimated!

The Broman Empire Militia

Formed under order of Brohemias current president and the Brohemian council in response to unwanted players operating faction warfare within its sphere of control, thus the decision was made to eliminate this annoyance and fire against fire attitude was thus the milita was formed under The holy broman Empire and today fills a vital role within our empire 

Proud members of the Panic Coalition.

Brohemia was forged in the chaos of null sec and tempered on the anvil that is Panic Attack. 

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